What is Turnip?

Turnip is a collection of stories about chefs, waiters, products, producers, designers and creatives all of whom contribute to a thriving food and drink industry. The work these people do connect us to the table, to eat, to drink and to talk. The table is the essence of Turnip.  What we put on the table and how often we connect through meals at the table is at Turnip’s core.

The name is inspired by Lord Charles “Turnip” Townshend who developed the four-crop rotation system, during the Agricultural Revolution of 18th century Britain. The system allowed for diversity in agriculture and encouraged soil health. It was a clever way to feed more people well, within a set piece of land.

This digital Turnip focusses on those in the food, drink and design industries and how they contribute to feeding people in thoughtful sustainable ways.  It’s about those who are creating, cooking, preserving, rearing and growing food with the long-term in mind; sustainable practices and quality product that can all be enjoyed and utilised collectively.

Turnip is an exploration of the different ways and varying thoughts on food and drink and on how we eat.

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