Turnip Pantry

Fill the pantry and the fridge with well-made, seasonal products created with quality produce, care and respect for good ingredients. Turnip Pantry is a collection of recommendations by me, Hilary.

Please message me here if you have any products you think should be featured on Turnip Pantry.

I’ll taste, test and let you know what’s good and what is getting there.

The first Turnip Pantry is about Moredough Kitchen soups: the cold snap is here and this is warming respite in a bowl…{read more here}

I love tea. All kinds of tea. Here’s a lovely olive leaf tea from western Victoria that I recently tried and now have in my pantry…{read more here}

I knew very little about Kampot Pepper and then, my mate Melanie Young started importing it into Australia. I’ve ground it, roasted it and cooked with it often.  It’s vibrant, punchy and delicious…{read more here}

It’s good for your gut and it tastes wonderful. Sharon Flynn and Roger Fowler of The Fermentary are creating some very delicious kraut, kefir and kimchi. I was taken with their Jalapeño Kraut…{read more here} 

I make tomato sugo at home often and usually have back up, but, when I don’t this is the best off-the-shelf sugo I’ve found. Thanks Bosugo {read more here} 

Pork pie and a pint? If that’s up your cup of tea seek out Pacdon Park Pork Pies. Made in a time-honoured fashion, utilising the whole beast in these and all their products, they’re very good {read porky pies here} 

Michael Caiafa grew up in the family business in Queen Victoria Market. They sell bread, quality loaves from great bakers around Melbourne and now, they’ve started making their own, {read more here} 



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