Turnip & MFM: All the Apples

How many apple varieties are there? You’re about to hear about just some of the fruit grown in Victoria and sold at the Melbourne Farmers Markets as Turnip and MFM collaborate to talk seasonal produce.  

It’s the perfect fast food, the best kind of takeaway snack. The apple. It’s apple season and the fruit is in abundance across the Melbourne Farmers Markets and we spoke to two apple growers who sell at the MFM about what they love about the humble and delicious apple.

Langdale Orchards


Cox’s Orange Pippin

What do you love about apples? 

They are a package of goodness, they are versatile: eat them fresh, cooked , juiced or dried. Apples are a great healthy snack, just grab one and go.

What types of apples do you grow?

Royal Gala



Cox’s Orange Pippin



Granny Smith

Pink Lady


Lady William

Some of these apples have a very short season and only available for a month, e.g. Snow and Cox’s Orange Pippin

If you could tell people two to three points about why it’s good to buy seasonal and local produce what would they be? 

When you buy Australian produce you’re helping Australian farmers.

It’s important to know where your food has come from and you are supporting local small farms ( not supermarkets).

Hazeldean Forest Farm 

Your website says you’ve been Ecologically farming since 1986, what is ecological farming?

We have created a biologically diverse ecosystem (the foundation of ecological farming). By planting thousands of trees we have attracted many new bird species, small bats and echidnas to the farm. Farming Organically means that insects and soil microbes have been able to thrive, hence food for others. A healthy soil means healthy plants and tastier food.

What are the benefits of buying food locally and in season? 

Local means food has not traveled too far, in the case of the Melbourne Farmers Markets it means consumers can meet the farmer and also learn how the food has been grown.

The seasonal benefits mean plants produce their fruits seasonally, smaller growers tend to not have the facilities to store their produce long-term and this long-term storage requires chemical treatment to give a longer storage life, which in turn means lack of flavour and risk of chemical exposure.


Cross section of Legana apple. Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org

What’s your favourite apple?

Legana: a very good eating apple. Pinkish stripe, bred at Legana in Tasmania. Sweet and nutty with dense, crisp, juicy, white-to-yellow flesh.

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