Turnip Food: Finding Balance at CH James


Indulging at this time of year is hard to avoid. Your head gets giddy (and a little fuzzy) with all the partying. It’s the next day that matters, too. You may need good coffee, juice, water (so much water) and good food. What we love about CH James in Fairfield is they have all those things and they’re clever enough to accommodate those who need some carb-loaded, fried goodness or loads of vegetables, soups and healthy eating.

Named after Charles Henry James, a businessman and innovator who was influential in framing the inner-northern community of Melbourne in the 1870s and 1880s, CH James the cafe carries the torch of its namesake with a nod to continuing innovation.

The menu takes from a mix of cultural culinary influences. A vegetarian Japanese Okonomiyaki Burger with tonkatsu mayonnaise, braised cabbage and a fried egg is served with chips. All crunch from the fried veg and gooey with an egg on top.

Or the crumbed Ham Hock with pea pannacotta, fried egg, pork jus and croutons, while a play on bacon and eggs, is comforting and generous.

You’ll be feeling pius if you tuck into the Vegan Green Bowl loaded with spiced avocado, kale, puffed grains, zucchini, sprouts, pickled cucumber, and pea pannacotta.  It’ll get you ready and willing for the next night out.

What stands out at CH James is the versatility and quality of the offer. The coffee is consistently good, the staff are happy to see you and the best news is that they’re only closed Christmas and New Years Days so you can eat your greens or take on some deep-fried goodness…it’s all about balance.

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