The Guardian Australia

I’ve been writing for Guardian Australia for the last couple of years. I’ve been out on salt plains, eaten out alone and cured my hangover, all in the name of work…here are some pieces I’ve written for them:

Where to Dine Alone in Melbourne – I think the title speaks for itself

Digging for an Australian Delicacy – I was in the Wimmera walking on Pink Lake and tasting pretty salt crystals

How to cure a hangover – it could be called, What to eat to calm your hangover – all in the name of research

Wines to match with Christmas Day dishes – I got to chat to clever sommeliers, bottle shop owners and restaurateurs in this delicious article.

Gelati-Fest – tasting gelati and talking to makers around the country was a hoot!

Cold Brew Coffee – avoiding coffee confusion amid the profusion – it’s a thing.

We love food from all across Asia, what wines do we drink with all the varying flavours? Here’s some answers.

Making good coffee at home – I measured beans, weighed water and learned about how to approach making great coffee using different extraction methods.

The Lambs – I was invited to a friend’s farm to witness the slaughter of three wether lambs. It was an eye-opener.

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