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With the Grampians mountain range at their doorstep, it’s no wonder the women behind Grampians Good Co. are creating handcrafted products using pure and natural ingredients.

Thoughtful with their approach, Amanda Cochran, Keri Ross and Jessica Skermer are producing small batch aromatherapy candles, granolas and body care products from their homes in Western Victoria – never compromising on quality.

Turnip asked Grampians Goods Co. to spill their secrets on their beautiful product line.


How did Grampians Goods Co. come about? Who is in the team? What inspired you to make candles, granolas and body care products? 

Tired of purchasing candles scented with sickly, overpowering and headache-inducing synthetic fragrances, GGCo. started when Amanda Cochran had the idea to make her own Aromatherapy Candles scented using only 100% pure essential oils,

“At first the candles were just for my own personal use at home and for gifts for friends etc, but then those friends started offering to pay me for them and that’s when I thought it might be something I could make to sell at local markets,” she said.

In discussion with her friend Keri Ross, she discovered that Keri was in the same boat with her homemade granola. A self-confessed health nut and purist, Keri was dissatisfied with so many “healthy” products on the market and so had been handcrafting her own breakfast as well gifts for friends. She also was getting such a great response that people were offering to pay for more.

The two women decided to join together and do a few local farmers’ markets strengthening their market stall presence by branding their products collectively and so The Grampians Goods Co. was born.

When asking the opinion of another friend Jessica Skermer during the logo design phase, Amanda learned that Jessica, also disillusioned with other product options on the market, had long been considering some different and innovative ideas for developing a range of 100% natural personal care products inspired by the country lifestyle.

“Jess had some terrific ideas and was really excited about the brand concept, she was also passionate about using organic and non-toxic ingredients in her own home, so it was kind of a natural progression that she’d get involved and develop her products under The Grampians Goods Co. brand as well.”


How has the Grampians mountain range influenced your product range? 

Whilst Amanda is based in Dunkeld, the gateway to Victoria’s glorious Grampians mountain range, Keri and Jessica are living the farm life in the surrounding area. All three women profess to being heavily influenced and inspired by the breathtaking beauty of their natural surrounds.

“Our ethos is ‘luxury in simplicity’, which for us is about delivering an exceptional product but bringing it right back to basics, back to nature basically. We are committed to using the most natural, earthy and where possible organic ingredients in our handcrafted products. For now, our ranges are more inspired by the country life and the beauty of the natural wonder at our doorsteps, but increasingly we are trying to source as much as we can ingredients wise from our local area too.”

Pure and natural, what ingredients are in your candles, body products and granolas? Why did you choose to use these? 

Jessica’s ‘Farmers Hands’ product is a scrub for tough hands and uses volcanic ash and locally sourced Victorian Bluestone as the pumice and Keri’s granola range uses flaxseed from local grower, Waltanna Farms. Amanda’s Aromatherapy Candles are scented using only 100% pure essential oils, and she is currently developing a new product using Rosemary oil from local producer, Glenelg River Herbs.

Any tips or tricks you’d like to share about successfully building a brand? 

When it comes to offering advice about successfully building a brand Amanda believes it’s about being conscious of what truly resonates with people,

“The difference with our branding is that it is an obvious representation of a naturally beautiful place and an idyllic lifestyle; people either connect with that or want to be able to experience that – that is the key. We also recognised that people really want a product which is natural and organic but that doesn’t compromise on style.”


You’re a young company, but what’s next for The Grampians Goods Co? 

The vision for the young company is to grow to include other locally handcrafted products as well as curated collections inspired by the country lifestyle,

“In order to stand by our commitment to deliver soulfully handcrafted products made locally in small batches we realise we are limited in terms of how much we can actually produce ourselves. What we’d love is to find those hidden gems already being made in our area and provide an established and recognised platform for those local makers and producers to launch their artisanal offerings.”

By India Nicholson

Grampians Goods Co. 


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